Have a Safe Skiing by Considering These Safety Tips


When you say or think of snow-clad mountains, most adventure-lovers think about skiing. Who doesn’t like to get soaked into the flabbergasting view of stunning mountains? Every person has a desire to feel the wind in his/her face, while the person slides down effortlessly from a snow covered slope. Skiing is an adventure sport that one can learn at any age. There is no denying that it is fun! However, if proper safety measures are not taken during this sport, it may lead to fatal accidents. To protect yourself from these accidents, and enjoy the sport without any worries, you need to consider certain safety tips.What are they? Read on to know.

What are the Important Tips to Consider for Safe Skiing?

Here are some safety tips that you should consider during skiing.

  1. Follow the Ski Rules: First and foremost – Go through the ski rules and make sure you understand them. You should never cross the ski boundaries, or ski in closed areas, as they do not have ski patrol. Thus, it becomes difficult to get help from ski patrol team, in case of any emergencies. Additionally, you should be alert enough to notice the warning signs displayed, such as “cliff ahead”, or “slow skiing area”.


  1. Be Ready with Your Skiing Gear: It is very important to have your skiing gear with you, such as helmet, boots, skis, goggles, gloves, thermal wear, walkie-talkie, sunscreen, etc. Wearing a proper skiing gear can protect you from several injuries that can be caused during the sport.


  1. Practice Skier Etiquette: When you ski, you are required to follow the skier etiquette. The person who is skiing in front of or below you is not able to see you, though you can see them. So, it is easy for you to avoid hitting the person skiing below or in front of you. Always bear in mind that it is dangerous to stop in the middle of a trail, or below a drop-off. Before you start down a trail, always check whether another skier is coming towards you from uphill. Make sure you give proper callouts like “on your left”, or “on your right”. This notifies the skier in front of you that you’re coming from behind.


  1. Know Your Limits and Control Your Speed: You should always be honest with yourself and know your limits. You should be aware about your ability to ski. Are you a novice? If so, then you should start with easier slopes and control your speed. It is not recommended for the beginners to have speeds that experienced skiers have. You should respect the trails that say “Experts Only”, and stay away from them.


These were some tips that you cannot afford to miss out on while skiing. Go through these tips again and again till you remember them in your mind. You can also talk to experts, who can advise you with some more tips other than those explained above. If you are planning for a skiing vacation in Zermatt, it is important that you stay at a comfortable apartment with ski-in and ski-out facility. Sarbach provides you amazing chalets and apartments in Zermatt, which are closer to popular skiing areas. Happy Skiing in Zermatt!


Where to Stay When in Zermatt?

Stay in Zermatt

Zermatt is a small town in the Swiss Alps. With so many attractions to see and a number of exciting places to visit, Zermatt has become one of the most chosen places for holidays. There are so many places that you can visit in Zermatt that one visit is just not enough. However, while roaming in this beautiful town and enjoying different exciting activities, you require an accommodation, where you can be with yourself and rest a bit to take on the next day’s adventures. Being a small town, the hotels and chalets are located at a walking distance from the rail station and the cable cars. Nonetheless, there are a few chalets and hotels that are situated centrally. Thus, you can easily choose a luxury hotel to book your stay, which is only a few minutes away from the station. Be it summer or winter, the town never fails to amaze its visitors.

A Stay in Holiday Apartment in Zermatt

Renting a holiday apartment in Zermatt has several benefits, which is why most visitors go for it. Here are a few advantages of renting a holiday apartment in Zermatt:

  1. A Good Spread of Self-Catered Apartments: One of the biggest advantages of renting a holiday apartment is that you will see lots of self-catered apartments. You can cook food of your choice on your own. This not only gives you freedom to pamper yourself, but also helps save costs if you are staying in a group.


  1. Good Amenities: This is another key benefit of a holiday apartment in Zermatt. The apartments here have really good facilities such as a big balcony with an amazing view of the Alps. Several amenities, such as radio, television, and shower are available in these luxurious apartments of this beautiful town.


  1. Environmentally Friendly Architecture: Several apartments in the town have an environmental friendly architecture, and are made from wood, slate, and larch. There are even some apartments, which feature solar panels for the purpose of heating water.

Renting Summer Chalets in Zermatt

Summer chalets are one of the prime attractions of Zermatt. These chalets have their own set of advantages, which make them a choice of many travelers. Following are some advantages of summer chalet rental in Zermatt:

  1. Affordable: This is one of the major benefits of summer chalet rentals in Zermatt. The chalets are affordable, particularly if you are travelling with a group of friends. By opting for a self-catered chalet, you can save costs of eating outside.


  1. Privacy & Flexibility: One more key benefit of staying in a summer chalet is that you don’t have to share the accommodation with any other person. This maintains your privacy and flexibility to move around freely. Also, you can plan your day as you like.


  1. Comfort: When you decide to live in a chalet, you get to enjoy the comfort that it offers. Several summer chalets in Zermatt have facilities like sauna and comfortable soft armchair, which provides ultimate comfort.

Now that you have read the entire post, it would be easier for you to choose appropriate accommodation option in Zermatt. However, it may happen sometimes that you get confused by browsing a huge list of luxury hotels and chalets. In such situations, you can contact Sarbach, which is considered one of the trusted names in hospitality. Sarbach offers homely holiday homes in Zermatt and Riffelalp.

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